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When Will My Child Learn to Jump?

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After they have mastered walking (between 24 -30 months) and are starting to increase their speed to run, toddlers will have the lower limb strength to achieve lift off and jump!

Learning to jump takes coordination, strength, and most of all, courage. Jumping usually starts with jumping off things, for example the last step and toddlers will learn to bend their knees to prepare to jump down. Jumping off the floor can take a little longer to master, but here are a few tips to help get your little one jumping:

Hold hands with your child whilst they are jumping off a step.  Encourage them to bend their knees and jump into you.

Practice squatting, like a frog.  Encourage your child to get down into a squat position and throw their arms up whilst they jump.

Practice jumping on the bed or on a trampoline.  Your child will learn how to coordinate getting lift off.

Sing songs that involve jumping.  For instance, Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!

If your child isn’t jumping by 2.5 years, they may benefit from an assessment by a physiotherapist so that their posture, tone, strength and balance can be checked. It is important to determine the cause so that appropriate intervention can be put in place.  

Seek advice if your child is struggling to jump by 2.5 years of age or if you notice your child is always pushing off and landing with one leg.  Also, if your child prepares to jump by initiating a squat but their feet barely leave the floor, or if for any other reason they are unable to coordinate a jump, get specialist advice from a physiotherapist.

Our paediatric physiotherapists are able to visit your child at home and we can often arrange the first appointment within 24 hours. To book an appointment, call us today on 0207 884 0374 or email us at