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Why London Marathon Runners Invest In Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapists are very important professionals in the world of sports due to their ability to improve an athlete’s recovery and enhance their performance. They have the training and experience to assess injuries and provide a fast and effective treatment. The London Marathon is a physically exerting event that puts significant pressure on the lower part of the body. Professional and amateur marathon runners can get a wide range of benefits by investing in physiotherapy sessions.

Benefits Of Physiotherapy For Marathon Runners

Improve Physical Strength- physiotherapists can show runners how to strengthen muscles, joints and ligaments that will improve their physical performance. Runners can tolerate the repeated blows better when they run on different types of surfaces. Physical strength is essential to ensure good performance and long-lasting endurance.

Near-Instant Pain Relief- physiotherapists have effective massage and other pain relief techniques that can benefit marathon runners.  They directly target the source of pain to relieve muscular discomfort and tension. Dry needling and cold/hot packs can also help in relieving muscle and joint soreness, without any need for opioid drugs.  

Better Flexibility- flexibility is a crucial component for marathon runners. They perform repetitive movements and good flexibility may prevent injuries. New marathon runners are more susceptible to injuries due to the lack of joint flexibility. Physiotherapists can evaluate whether a runner has adequate flexibility and show them ways to improve.

Stronger Cardiopulmonary Performance- physiotherapists may suggest an enhanced method to improve cardiovascular performance. Marathon runners need a strong cardiovascular system to make sure blood is pumped efficiently to all parts of the body. Good pulmonary performance is also essential to efficiently enrich the blood with oxygen and keep the whole body energised.

Prevent Injury- although marathon runners won’t have torn ligaments or broken bones due to lack of intense impacts, they can still suffer from muscle or joint injuries. The repeated stress of running can wear down muscles and joints progressively. After a training session or a marathon event, physiotherapists can perform an evaluation to provide advice and treatments, so professional runners can avoid injuries.

Treat Injuries- despite their preparation and precautions, injuries can still affect marathon runners. Physiotherapists can prepare the most effective treatment to ensure a speedy recovery and help marathon runners save time and money when managing their injuries.

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