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Why Children Benefit From Physiotherapy at Home?

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Children often have an inherent fear of healthcare professionals. This fear causes them tremendous stress and makes hospital visits difficult. In cases of problems where children require physiotherapy the situation gets more complicated. Physiotherapy involves multiple visits to the physio. Often there is slight discomfort involved. The discomfort increases when the patient does not cooperate.

This is where home physiotherapy is helpful. Physiotherapy at home has the following benefits.

  1. A more familiar setting

A visit to a clinic or hospital is stressful for adults and more so for children. The child goes through the double stress of dealing with unknown environment and unfamiliar people. This stress is manifold in children with special needs. A home visit eliminates this stress.

When a physio visits the child’s home the child is in a familiar environment. This makes the child more receptive and less fearful.

  • Saves time spent in commuting

Children have busy schedules filled with academics, sports and extracurricular activities. The child has to find time for the visit to the physiotherapists’ clinic. Carrying an ill child to the physiotherapist clinic can be difficult for the caregivers. The commute also makes the children tired. The child as well as their caregiver lose considerable time in commuting and waiting at the physiotherapist’s clinic. A home visit by a physio saves the time and energy spent in commuting to the clinic.

  • A stress-free experience for the child

Being ill is a stressful experience for the child. This may make them reluctant to go for physiotherapy. Young children may start crying and demand to be taken home. They may also show resistance to following the physiotherapist’s instructions. This problem becomes more acute in children with special needs.

A home visit changes the child’s equation with the physiotherapist. They get a chance to become more friendly with their physio. This reduces their stress and consequently the physiotherapy gives better results.

  • They get the physio’s undivided attention

Healthcare professionals are always busy at their workplace with multiple things competing for their attention at the same time. When they visit the child’s home they are more able to focus solely on the child. The parents can also inform the physio about any changes in the child’s routine. Very young children may not follow the physiotherapist’s quick instructions in a clinic.

  • The exercises can be customised

A home visit makes it possible for the physio to modify the exercises using things available in the child’s home.