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Who Else Wants to Improve their Skiing Technique and Minimise Chance of Injury?

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It’s that time of year again to don the slopes for the skiing season!  Improving your skiing technique and strengthening weak areas are important in minimising your chances of injury.


There are four areas that skiers commonly need to work on and they are:

1.  Whole Body Conditioning

Focusing on just your leg muscles is not ideal, as eventually you will need your arms to propel you forward with the poles.  Your core stability is also incredibly important whilst skiing and often underrated.  A strong core for efficient use of arms and legs can be easily achieved with regular Pilates.  Obviously lots of lower limb strengthening can prevent injury, but it’s important to ensure you work the whole leg.  Your physio can teach your routines which involve static and isometric contraction exercises for maintaining ski position and movement.

2.  Flexibility

Flexibility is another crucial aspect of fitness to prevent injury on the slopes, as well as aiding recovery from a heavy skiing session.  Stretching should be a key component of any workout, so get your physio to educate you on a routine of stretching to complete after a long day on the slopes.

3.  Balance

Balance training can help improve your chances of staying steady and composed on the slopes.  It can also prevent being covered in powder (uncompacted snow), potentially injured and a having a cold bottom!  Balance on the slopes does of course come with hours of practice, but getting a head start on this will allow you to tackle day one of your trip with finesse and composure.

4.  Anaerobic and Aerobic Ability

This involves improving general cardiovascular conditioning to ensure you have enough energy to sustain skiing all day. It can involve things like hill running, stair climbing and bike riding for aerobic training. Plyometric training (jump training) is perfect for conditioning yourself ready for the season, and your physio can help develop a programme with you to push you to your limits and get those gains to improve your skiing experience.

All of these activities are ideally performed before and during the skiing season, but it is never too late to start and never to early to prepare for next season.  Contact us today on 0207 884 0374 or email to book your first appointment.