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What You Need to Know about Torn Knee Cartilage

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A meniscus is a C-shaped cartilage in between the knees.  You have one around each half of the knee and it acts as a protective layer during weight bearing and impact (i.e. jumping).  The menisci can be injured in three different ways: innocuous activity, traumatic force or degeneratively.  Doctors will diagnose an injured meniscus using an MRI scan and will refer to it as “torn cartilage”.

With a meniscal tear you may suffer from a combination of pain, swelling, clicking, catching, or locking during motion of the knee joint. Symptoms you experience are normally dependent on the type of meniscal tear that you have occurred.  Pain is normally only present when weight bearing through your knee.

Treatment usually involves anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy to reduce swelling, improve range of movement and correct biomechanics that may have contributed to the tear.  If the symptoms do not resolve you may require surgical interventions, such as a knee arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) to mend or cut away the damaged part of the meniscus.  If you do have a knee arthroscopy you will also require post-surgical physiotherapy to ensure you regain a fully functioning knee.

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