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What is Osteoporosis?

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This is when the inner part of the vertebrae of the spine breaks down. This results in the bone becoming weaker and fragile therefore prone to fracture. It happens with age and is a lot more common in females. It is not normal to experience pain with osteoporosis unless a fracture is sustained. Fractures of the spine can cause a severe pain that refers from the back like a band around to the sides. Over time there can be a number of these fractures that lead to more constant long term lower back pain. As the insides of the bones collapse it can lead to a hunch liked appearance of the upper back as the spine curves.

Physiotherapy can help with osteoporosis and we have devised a specific programme for people suffering with the disease to help improve their posture and strengthen the body to reduce the impact of osteoporosis.

We also work closely with the National Osteoporosis Society which includes many charity events.