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The Unseen Dangers of Baby Walkers

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Paediatric physiotherapists strongly recommend against putting your child in a baby walker.  In this blog post, our Head of Paediatric Physiotherapy Victoria Healey, reveals the dangers of your child using a seemingly innocuous baby walker. 

baby walker

If you’re thinking about buying a baby walker…then don’t!  There are two main reasons why and these include your child’s safety, and the fact that baby walkers can impair your child’s development.

Lots of parents put their children in baby walkers and then leave them unattended. There have been many reports documenting babies being injured by trapping their arms or leg, tipping over in the walker and even burns.  Walkers also give children access to things, which they usually wouldn’t have, access to – such as a hot drink placed on a higher surface.  According to the BBC, “baby walkers are responsible for injuring 4,000 children a year” and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists has previously called for a baby-walker ban.

Many parents believe a baby walker will help their little one learn to walk more quickly but in actual fact, studies have shown it can delay their walking. The support that the walker provides means that they don’t learn to hold up their own weight, and often just hang in the seat. The best way to help your baby develop is let them learn to roll, sit and crawl and allow them to pull to stand by themselves when they are ready. There is also evidence that suggests that the use of baby walkers can cause a child to walk on their toes.

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