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Top Reasons to Get on Your Bike! (Even after a Total Knee Replacement)

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A lot of our therapists in London and Bristol cycle to their patients, and this means getting around is quicker, easier and more enjoyable.  It also means our therapists don’t have to rely on the ever uncertain public transport or busy roads!

Many of our patients also cycle as a form of exercise or commuting to work.  At Physiocomestoyou we actively encourage this in most of our patients. Cycling is a form of exercise that can improve cardiovascular fitness and flexibility in lower limb joints and strength, and an inside exercise bike can also be helpful in improving range of movement in the knee after a total knee replacement.

Cycling also aids co-ordination of movement to help with other day-to-day activities and it works muscles that are important for activities such as stair climbing.  This is great if you are recovering from surgery, suffer with osteoarthritis of the knees or have been advised to avoid high impact exercise.

Getting the right set up on your bike to fit your individual biomechanics is important, as well as being set a specialised personal plan that may include intervals, hill climbs or speed work depending on your condition. There’s not much point in plodding away steadily if your goal is weight loss or cardiovascular fitness!  Our physiotherapists regularly give advice on cycling. They have personal experience combined with in depth medical knowledge of the risks and benefits to you as an individual. We can help you set regular goals and targets for training targeted at what you need to achieve to rehabilitate correctly.

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