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Top Reasons for Ankle Sprain – Do these affect you?

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One of the most common joints to sprain is the ankle. The ligaments around the ankle could become damaged due to:

• Weakness in the muscles which cross the ankle joint, which then causes the joint itself to become more reliant on the ligaments in order to keep it stable.

• Poor ankle flexibility, meaning that the usual elasticity of the ligaments is limited, resulting in damage being done to the structures.

• Lack of warm-up and/or stretching before and following physical activity.

• Walking or running on uneven surfaces, meaning the ligaments are stressed by abnormal ankle/foot positions.

• Wearing high-heeled shoes, or shoes with inadequate heel support.

Physiotherapy following an injury to your ligaments is vital for sufficient rehabilitation. Initially, the treatment will consist of management of the swelling around the joint, and to promote range of movement in the area. This is to prevent stiffness and promote the healing of damaged structures. Later into the physiotherapy programme, the treatment will focus more on muscle strength, range of movement and then introduce balance and physical awareness exercises.

In either surgery or conservative treatments, it may be necessary for you to wear a brace or ‘air-cast boot’ around your ankle in order to allow adequate healing of the joint. Due to reduced mobility after an injury to the ankle, the best option to receive physiotherapy would be from a community team like PhysioComesToYou. This means you can receive top-quality therapeutic treatment in the comfort of your own home, reducing your reliance on family and friends for transport to physiotherapy appointments. Contact us today on 0207 884 0374 or email