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Tips on protecting your back when lifting heavy objects…

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Tips from Margaret Martin, MelioGuide

Lifting the Object: Master the Squat

Here are Margaret’s guidelines for the squat and the lift:

  • Get in as close as you can to the object you plan to lift
  • Widen your stance
  • As soon as you lift the object, support your arms with your legs.
  • Leverage the item up
  • Use a chair as a transition point to move the object
  • Avoid rotating while holding the object. Move your feed in the same direction as the load.
A special note: There are several types of squat exercises (they vary depending on your prescribed exercise level) in the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program.

Putting the Object Down

In this video, Margaret covers the steps to put the object down. Many of the steps are the same as listed above for the lift.