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The Most Common Injuries Over the Christmas Period and How to Treat Them

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Tis the season to be jolly – but also careful! Accidents and injuries actually increase over the Christmas period and there are a number of factors to blame, especially the increased stress that people feel and the increase in physical activity! Here are the most common injuries sustained over the Christmas period and what you can do to treat and relieve them.

Winter Weather

Bing Crosby might have been ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’ but lots of people aren’t! The winter weather definitely shares some of the blame for accidents and injuries sustained during the festive season, with nearly a third of people in a recent National Accident Helpline survey admitting to falling on ice. Be careful when you’re out and about Christmas shopping and paying visits to family! If you do fall on the ice and experience intense pain, be sure to have your bones checked at A&E or Minor Injuries. If you happen to fall but you’re certain nothing is broken, ease the pain, swelling and bruising by applying a cold compress to the affected areas and resting easy.

Fear of Falling

Did you know that accidental falls increase by 16% among women and 21% by men during December? If you’re rushing about preparing for Christmas or sure to find yourself well and truly among the Christmas rush, remember that fact and go steady. If you’re getting stuck into the Christmas decorating, remember that around 1000 people are injured by their Christmas tree decorating every year and approach the tree safely – no leaning too far when fixing higher branches!

Beware of the Sale

Did you know that around 700,000 people have been injured in a sale rush when shopping during the Christmas period? Remember to give yourself and the people around you space to shop this sale season because no gift or bargain is worth anyone getting hurt over. You can avoid sale injury completely by shopping online! If you do get hurt or see someone else get hurt, be sure to step in to give the injured party some space among crowds to avoid further injury and seek assistance from staff who will be trained in first aid.

A safe Christmas is a happy Christmas! Remember to stay active but avoid the risks this festive season! Stuck inside for bad weather? We can bring trained physiotherapists and all necessary equipment to your home to ensure you continue to heal where you’re most comfortable! Call 02078 840 374 or visit for more details.