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The Many Benefits of Baby Massage

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Baby massage is a simple but powerful way to stimulate and communicate with your baby and a wonderful way for parents to bond.  Research has shown that such contact has many benefits for both the parents and child including building trust, helping with post natal depression, relieving trapped wind and relaxation. If performed at the end of the day or just before naptime, baby massage is the perfect sleep cue and a lovely way to spend quality time together. Baby massage also helps to develop your baby’s body awareness and aid co-ordination of hands and feet.

For babies with special needs, additional benefits can include improved eye contact and socialization, acceptance of positive touch and relaxation of tight muscles.  Some babies are hypersensitive to touch and massage can help normalize the sensory system enabling your baby to tolerate touch and different textures without becoming overwhelmed.

Our specialist physiotherapists can teach you the essential skills as well as the theories behind them.  It is important to know the basic concepts about touch, movement, stimulation, interaction and communication.  You can then use these skills to carry out baby massage yourself and start bonding with your baby.

Are you looking for a highly specialist paediatric physiotherapist to guide you in baby massage? We can see you and your baby in the comfort of your own home and we can usually set up an initial appointment within 24 hours. Contact us today on 0207 884 0374 or email

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