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The Benefits of Having Physio at Home

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There are many great reasons to have physiotherapy at home. Within one session, it is possible for your therapist to understand your individual needs. By treating patients in their every day environments, our therapists get see their patient’s problems first hand. We can fully appreciate the goals that a patient can describe in clinic, but it can be a struggle to fully appreciate unless the therapists can see for themselves.


Confidence in functional activities that were once easy but may now be a real challenge is hard to restore from afar.   By trialling methods to overcome these problems, using real time scenarios and practicing in the patient’s environment, it is possible for patients to reach their goals much sooner than anticipated.

It is surprising how much exercise equipment is available that can be easily used at home such as exercise mats, gym balls, dumbbells and resistance bands. Also effective exercises can be taught on the bed, sitting on a chair, and standing holding onto a chair, on a mat on the floor, using the stairs or a step, and even the wall. Even better, as you have been taught the exercises at home they are easy to remember and do once the physiotherapist has left.


Some of the other benefits of having your treatment at home include cutting down on travel costs and time, and with evening and weekend appointments available, sessions can fit in around bedtimes for kids, as well as busy working schedules. Also, if your mobility is currently an issue, this removes the problem of getting to a clinic for treatment.


More importantly, physio at home is highly personal and many of our patients feel more relaxed exploring pain or discussing medical complaints at home than they do behind a curtain or in a cubicle.

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