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Sprained ankle?

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An ankle sprain is a common injury and the majority of time the ankle turns inwards so that the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are sprained. As a result of the sprain there can also be injury to the inferior tibiofibular joint.  There are 4 main ligaments on the outside of the ankle that can be sprained.  Symptoms often include pain on the outside of the ankle, swelling and bruising.  Putting weight on the ankle may be difficult.  Your physiotherapist will be able to determine which ligaments have been affected and to what degree they have been affected.  If the sprain is believed to be severe or the ligament may be ruptured then a medical review will be required and we can recommend top London ankle and foot consultants for you to see.

Physiotherapy can help by advising on ice and other anti-inflammatory measures.  Ultrasound can help reduce inflammation and healing in the early stages.  Taping, soft tissue techniques, massage and setting an exercise programme to restore movement, strength and stability to the ankle are all important in the recovery following an ankle sprain.  Those who do not undergo rehabilitation on their ankle following a sprain are much more likely to sprain their ankle again in the future.