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See How Easily You Can Regain Strength after your Hip Arthroscopy

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An arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that enables surgeons to gain a clear view within a joint and to guide surgical instruments. You may have been referred to an orthopaedic surgeon if your painful hip hasn’t improved through pain relief, rest or physiotherapy. If you are generally fit and well, you most probably will be treated as an outpatient, which means that you shouldn’t have to stay overnight in hospital.

Depending on findings during the arthroscopy, the surgeon may smooth torn cartilage, trim bony spurs or remove inflamed tissue. You will most likely be discharged with elbow crutches that you will use until advised otherwise.


Physiotherapy is recommended after an arthroscopy to regain strength, range of movement and to get you back to your normal daily activities. However some changes may have to be made to your normal activities.  For instance, high impact activities such as running may not be recommended after this procedure, so make sure you always check with your surgeon or Physiotherapist.

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