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See how easily you can maximise the results of your total joint replacement

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It is standard for patients to have exercises set by physiotherapists in hospital following your knee or hip replacement and practice walking with crutches or a frame.  The problem comes after discharge when either you are not referred for more physiotherapy or have the hassle of trying to get to a physiotherapy clinic with your crutches.

Orthopaedic physiotherapists from Physiocomestoyou can come and see you at home, and this allows them to see your home situation and help you regain good movement and strength in your knee and hip to walk properly again.  They can also make the treatment individual to you by assessing obstacles in your home, tackle any stairs that may be present, and practice walking outside to help regain your confidence.  Any pain you may have can be helped with advice, cryotherapy and massage.  Exercises we teach you will be given to you with descriptions and pictures so that you can practice them between physiotherapy sessions.

The one on one therapy we can provide helps motivate you to do the exercises and reach you back to your optimal quality of life and being seen at home makes your therapy so much easier and more convenient.

Are you having a knee or hip replacement?  We are able to see you in your home, school, work place or hotel and can set up an initial appointment within 24 hours. Contact us today on 0207 884 0374 or email