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See How Easily You Can Improve Your Child’s Muscle Function with Dynamic Movement Orthoses

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Does your child have scoliosis or abnormal muscle tone?  Do they have difficulty controlling their movements?  It could be that they could benefit from wearing a Dynamic Movement Orthosis (DMO).

A Dynamic Movement Orthosis (DMO) is a garment made out of a Lycra based fabric that can be worn to help manage abnormal tone or postures.  The properties of the fabric can be used to control your child’s posture and provide stability where it is needed in order to influence their biomechanics, posture and movement patterns.  The Lycra garment is tight fitting and will also provide sensory feedback to help improve body awareness for those who may have Hemispatial neglect.

Getting the right orthoses can really help your child improve their function.  For example:

•    A simple glove can help with upper limb function and fine motor control.

•    A shoulder stability orthosis will help if your child has a subluxed shoulder.

•    A full body suit may be required if your child has whole body involvement or if they have low tone in their core and are unable to sit unaided because of this.

•   Shorts can be used to help stabilise the hips or prevent scissoring (crossing over) of the legs.

•   Leggings can stabilise the hips and legs

•   Socks can be used to improve foot position and help lift the foot when walking.

Each Lycra garment is custom made and our physiotherapists have been trained by DM Orthotics to advise you on the appropriate item as well as measure your child for the orthosis.  The advice given will be based on your child’s tone, posture, abilities and functional goals in order to design a garment that will meet their individual needs.  Your child can wear their Orthoses during physiotherapy sessions to work on specific tasks with the overall goal to get a long term “carry over effect” when not wearing the orthoses.

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