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The Role of Physio after A Total Ankle Replacement

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Total ankle replacement surgery is commonly carried out for patients who have severe ankle osteoarthritis.  The aim is to get rid of any persistent pain and improve the movement in your ankle joint.  To ensure that you get the most out of your new ankle joint it is important to follow your exercises given to you by your Physiotherapist. Initially you will be not be putting any weight through the operated leg and will be given a special lightweight cast and crutches to help you get around. Over the next few weeks the amount of weight you can put through the leg will increase.  Crutch handle covers can ease soreness in your shoulders, wrists and hands.

One of the most important movements to regain in the ankle is dorsiflexion (ankle move up towards the body) and this movement is essential in walking effectively. Also your physiotherapist will help you to improve your strength, balance and core stability. It’s always important to check with your Physiotherapist about activities and exercises, for example using something called a wobble board is not recommended as it places too much strain on the ankle joint and can cause the replacement to move. Surgeons advise that working with a Physiotherapist after surgery will help you maximise the movement of the new joint.

So if you’re thinking about, have one booked or have previously had a total ankle replacement and would like help and advice on exercises then please contact and we will be happy to help. We can attend your workplace or home for your convenience and comfort.  The one on one therapy we can provide helps motivate you to do the exercises and reach you back to your optimal quality of life.

Research has proven the positive effects of physiotherapy after a Total Ankle Replacement and we are dedicated to providing high quality physiotherapy in the comfort and convenience of peoples own home, care home or hotel covering all of London within the M25.

If you are suffering from severe ankle osteoarthritis with pain and stiffness and think you may be a possible candidate for a Replacement, get in touch and we can recommend top Foot and Ankle Consultants in London to see.  Contact us today on 0207 884 0374 or email