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The Real Truth About Achieving your Physio Recovery Goals

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One of the biggest challenges facing a physio is getting our patients to complete the exercises they need to do in order to recover, as well as get our patients to commit to the lifestyle changes needed to improve their symptoms. If you have never had physiotherapy exercises prescribed to you or you have ever been asked to change a lifetime habit in order to improve symptoms, you may find it hard to understand why patients find it so hard to stick to their exercises and make a change. Lots of different factors come into play to stop us from achieving our goals every single day. With every good intention we prioritise things out of our day time and time again.

Girl on wobble cushion and physio

Some of the biggest influencers are not enough time, avoidance of pain, habits being hard to break, poor motivation, poor understanding of the benefits, and fear avoidance (the idea that possibly because the exercise hurts it is doing more harm than good). Life often gets in the way, making a whole week pass by before you realise you haven’t completed one set of the required home exercises. Don’t beat yourself up about this, it happens to everyone at some point, and it is far better to identify and acknowledge this and discuss it with your physio earlier rather than later.

Here at Physiocomestoyou we are very aware of the factors that will come into play when prescribing exercises to clients or suggesting changes that might help their symptoms. We take into account all of these factors with our in-depth assessments, and have techniques to combat them. We can suggest ways to get exercises done in your normal working day, and importantly we feel it is vital that you understand exactly what an exercise or suggestion is trying to achieve for you as an individual. That way you know why you are performing it and how it is going to help you. From years of experience, we also know to set realistic short and long term goals. This enables both of us to see the desired improvement and it re-motivates you for the next stage of your recovery.

If you have struggled in the past to stay motivated with your rehab, or you haven’t seen the desired results, please give us a call to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals on 0207 884 0374 or email us at

Post by Leanne Plenge, Physiotherapist and Bristol Manager.