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Olawunmi Oyeleye

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Olawunmi Oyeleye

Ola graduated from The College of Medicine, University of Lagos Nigeria, and worked briefly with athletes at the Sports Medicine Centre based in the National Stadium, Lagos, under the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Nigeria. She then moved to the Republic of Ireland where she worked under varying Health Boards. Initially within an Assessment and Auxiliary step-down facility based in South Tipperary and later in Dublin, within the elderly care, outpatient musculoskeletal, domiciliary and primary care sectors, under the Health Service Executive (National Health Care).

She completed her postgraduate studies in Advancing Professional Practice “Vocational Rehabilitation” at Sheffield Hallam University, between 2016 – 2018, commencing while still based in Dublin. She relocated to the UK in 2017 where she currently works in a private capacity and also locums within varying NHS Trusts and private establishments. She is providing cover for inpatient, outpatient, Gym based, exercise groups and classes, domiciliary, case management and rehabilitation services. Ola has developed extensive therapy skills in elderly care and rehab, osteoporosis care, rheumatological conditions, post-op and none-op orthopaedic care and rehab, falls assessment, prevention progs, oncology physiotherapy, musculoskeletal conditions, activity-related injuries, none professional sports injuries, biomechanical gait assessments, workstation assessments and can facilitate water-based therapy (hydrotherapy).

Her clinical skills and experience mean she has a robust background knowledge, with which she influences and improves outcomes for patients. Ola enjoys working with patients, uses her clinical and soft skills such as listening, empathy and  motivation to help patients achieve their therapy goals, at their own pace and takes the view that therapy is productive within the home setting as well.