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Nicola Glimmerveen

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Nicola Glimmerveen

Chartered Physiotherapist

Nicola Glimmerveen is a Chartered Physiotherapists registered under number PH83066

Nicola currently has a varied caseload specialising in paediatrics, learning disabilities and neurology. She enjoys working for both the NHS and in private practice and works alongside several local authorities providing physiotherapy for children in schools and the community.

Nicola has experience working with a wide variety of conditions in paediatrics. Some examples are musculoskeletal injuries, scoliosis, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, and various genetic disorders. She has worked at several Special Needs Schools and is involved in orthotics and wheel chair clinics.

Since graduating Nicola has endeavoured to continue with her professional development and she is a member of ACPIN (association of chartered physiotherapists in neurology) and the APCP (association of paediatric chartered physiotherapists)


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