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Marc Adair

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Marc Adair

Since graduating from the University of East London in 2010, Marc has worked within different NHS trusts or publicly funded health services in London, Devon, and Bristol. Since 2014, he has been a community specialist, working either as a senior clinician or in a leadership role.

Chartered Physiotherapist

Marc is highly experienced in delivering physiotherapy assessment and treatment within the home setting for adults of all ages, with a particular interest in older people’s rehabilitation.

His approach to achieving successful physiotherapy outcomes is to build well-grounded therapeutic relationships with clients and have extensive knowledge of physiotherapy techniques that work best with different clinical conditions.

Marc can offer treatment for fall prevention, stroke, or other neurological presentations; pre- or post-orthopaedic surgery; gait pathologies; musculoskeletal conditions; or injuries and management of complex long-term adult health conditions. He regularly attends postgraduate courses in the specialty areas I offer treatment in