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Jeferson Lessmann

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Jeferson Lessmann

Chartered Physiotherapist

Jeferson is a graduate Physiotherapist from ACE – Associação Catarinense de Ensino, Joinville, Brazil and post-graduate Dermatofunctional Physiotherapy (skin rehabilitation) specialist from IBRATE – Instituto Brasileiro de Therapias, Curitiba, Brazil. He is a HCPC and CSP registered Physiotherapist and a CNHC registered Massage and Sport Therapist (and fully insured across all modalities).

His 5 year training comprised theory and practice across a broad range of subjects including: musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, paediatric neurology & child development, adult neurology, cardiopulmonary, intensive care, dermatology, rheumatology, geriatrics, urology and gynaecology, hydrotherapy, and sports rehabilitation.

Since graduating, Jefe has worked with a wide range of patients from different backgrounds and with varying conditions and comorbidities in the Musculoskeletal, Soft Tissue Therapy and Skin Rehabilitation areas of Physiotherapy.

Jefe firmly believes in patient empowerment through focus on keeping patients fully aware of their condition and motivated throughout their treatment. Successful treatment plans require full patient engagement and he achieves this with detailed orientation and continuous feedback allied with sharing scientific knowledge. This, combined with the treatment, gives patients a sense of independence and self-worth which, he believes, directly impacts on their recovery and overall quality of life.

Jefe says that being a therapist is a privilege. He assists, teaches and observes, but he is also learning so much about being human and the challenges of achieving physical and emotional goals on a journey littered with setbacks. He finds himself truly fortunate to have supported many people in their journey to a healthier, more able life, and hope to continue helping people throughout his career.