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Caroline Bessadi

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Caroline Bessadi

Chartered Physiotherapist

Caroline qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1996 from the University of East London. Caroline started her career in a couple of London NHS trusts initially specialising in Neurology. This included Stroke Rehabilitation, Community Neurological Rehabilitation, Acute Neurological Rehabilitation and Neurological Outpatients. In 2000 Caroline alongside her Neurology work moved into the area of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Caroline moved into the private sector in 2014 treating patients in a private musculoskeletal clinic, a private hospital and private community work, including care and nursing home visits. Caroline has over 20 years experience treating a variety of Neurological, Musculosketal and Rheumatological conditions. Her experience also includes Hand Therapy, Vestibular Rehabiliation and Early diagnosis Parkinsons Exercise. Caroline prides herself on listening to her patients and treating patients with respect and dignity. She enjoys treating patients in their own home as she can appreciate how rewarding it can be to help people function and achieve their goals at home, something which can not always be achieved in the clinic room.