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Physio Comes to You Helps the Paratriathlon Team!

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Physio Comes to You Actually Comes to You

Fortunately for them, Physio Comes to You is available to bring the physical therapy session to you! Such is the case when Physio Comes to You was called in to help the Paratriathlon team from Quinta do Lago, Portugal.

Jose Escudeiro who heads the Algarve branch of Physio Comes to You was contacted to help with the injury prevention, recovery and healing of the Paratriathlon team from Quinta do Lago in Portugal.  Jose was able to attend their training ground to carry out physiotherapy on site saving them having to spend time travelling to a clinic and helped prepare the team and treat any pain or injuries.


From effective warm up exercises to prepare muscles and effective cool down techniques to minimise muscle damage and speed up repairs, Jose from Physio Comes To You used special assessment and treatment methods to help them.

It has been well proven that physical therapy can be a very effective tool at helping the body to heal properly and help patients get back to sport in less time. But, for many, one of the biggest drawbacks to physical therapy is having to leave the house and drive to the medical facility or therapist’s office. This extra step can become too much for some patients causing them to cancel therapy sessions or quit physical therapy altogether. This could lead to the worsening of their health problems or increased long-term pain, nerve damage or both.

To learn how Physio Comes to You can help you or your team through a close assessment to create an individualised tailored physiotherapy plan in London or Portugal, contact us today or book an appointment online with one of our expert sports physical therapists and let them show you how your team can get less injuries and be more effective and successful players.

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