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Our Personal Training Services

Looking for a Personal Training Therapist?

Personal training in physiotherapy integrates specialised exercise programs into rehabilitation plans. Under the guidance of trained professionals, clients engage in tailored workouts that target specific musculoskeletal issues or recovery goals. This approach enhances strength, flexibility, and overall physical function, complementing traditional physiotherapy techniques. By incorporating personal training, individuals experience a holistic approach to rehabilitation, promoting faster recovery and improved long-term outcomes.

PhysioComesToYou offers a flexible approach to our physiotherapy appointments. We understand that attending a clinic can be inconvenient so we offer a mobile service. Our expert physiotherapists can attend at your work, care home, school or home at a time to suit you. We have appointments at the weekend and during the evening so you can be on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

We Specialise in Utilising the following Types of Therapy

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Groin Pain

Foot Pain

Ankle Pain

Elbow Pain

Hip Pain

Why personal training is important?

We can all benefit from help from a personal trainer at times, whether it is for a short period of time to achieve a goal or throughout life for maintenance and to keep up motivation to exercise.

At the first appointment the personal trainer will aim to get to know you as a person and what you are expecting from the personal training. They will take into account all aspects of your life including your work, hobbies, daily routine, family and social life.

They will carry out some fitness tests and measurements such as body fat and body weight. The tests will vary on the trainer.

The trainer will then talk through goals and devise a programme of exercise that will meet your needs.

We work closely with a number of personal trainers offering a bespoke service where the physiotherapist and personal trainer work together to return you to fitness and sport in a condition that is pain free as soon as possible.

Personal training can help if:

  • You want to work out at home rather than the gym and want to be shown some excellent home workouts
  • You are not getting the results from exercising that you are looking for, whether it is building muscle bulk, gaining fitness, weight loss or fat loss
  • You are bored with doing the same workouts all the time and want something new to try – ‘variety is the spice of life’
  • You have booked yourself into a sporting race or an event and you want an expert to help you get through it or to achieve a good time
  • You have made the decision to start exercising but you are stuck where to begin – a personal trainer can devise a programme that is individual to you and will get you maximum results in the minimum time
  • You have an illness, condition or injury and need help in exercising safely and getting back to your optimum health
  • You want to be set some new workouts to do on your own and to be shown how to do the exercises safely and effectively
  • You feel the need for support and motivation to start the exercise session, to keep going, to increase the pace and to get the most out of your workouts

Personal training works to help you motivate yourself to do the exercise in the first place and to push yourself in the exercise session to gain that much more.

A good personal trainer will work out goals with you before you start and also develop further goals as you continue working with them. They will look at your life as a whole, aiming to not just reach your body shape goals but also to feel healthier and to gain more energy throughout the day.

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Chartered Physiotherapist Begum graduated from the Doctor of Physiotherapy program at The University of Melbourne after moving to Australia from Toronto, Canada. She did this in combination with a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology as she is a strong believer of combining exercise therapy and manual techniques to help clients to be pain free and achieve their goals. After graduatin ...


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Massage Therapist Claire grew up and studied in South Africa, graduating in 2007 with four diplomas in Clinical Personal Fitness Training, Sports Nutrition, Holistic Massage and Clinical Exercise. She went on to work in the health and sports industry as a Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and Massage Specialist, and also opened her own practice with a team of other alternat ...


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Chartered Physiotherapist Maria graduated in 2007 and has been specializing in Neurophysiotherapy since then. She has started a MSc Biomechanics course and has a strong interest in gait and posture of the Elderly. Her work includes rehabilitation after injury or surgery, treatment of joint and muscle pain and balance problems. Maria also works with elderly patients and those wi ...


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Chartered Physiotherapist James initially qualified as a Sport and Exercise Scientist in 2003 and subsequently qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2008. These two qualifications have complemented each other in his treatment of a wide range of patients from the sedentary to the high level athlete. He has fulfilled roles in a major London teaching hospital, the ministry of defence ...


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