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Pain, Swelling and a Catching Sensation in Your Knee? It Could be an Osteochondral Defect

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Osteochondral defect is the loss of articular cartilage (the cartilage that covers the ends of your bones) combined with injury to the underlying supporting bone.  These can be caused spontaneously or can occur as a result of injury or trauma to the knee.

Common symptoms that you may experience are the gradual onset of intermittent pain, swelling and a sensation of the knee catching inside the joint.  Some people have the feeling of their knee giving way or have the inability to fully straighten their knee due to fragments of cartilage getting caught in the joint space.

Treatment for this problem can be managed with an exercise programme and advice from your physio on how to modify your daily activities.

If these do not work and you are still suffering with the aforementioned symptoms, you may need to see a specialist orthopaedic knee surgeon who may consider surgical intervention.  These can include a knee arthroscopy, which may include removing loose cartilage (known as chondroplasty or debridement), or microfracture (where a surgeon will make small holes in the exposed bone to allow blood to enter the cavity and promote healing).  Other surgeries can be grafts, synthetic plugs, osteoarticular transfer system and autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI/MACI).

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