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Pain in Your Knee? Could it be Knee Bursitis?

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A bursa is a gel filled sac that lies in between two surfaces to prevent friction. They can become inflamed from trauma, overuse or disease. You may have heard knee bursitis referred to as “housemaids knee” or “roofers knee”.

There are numerous bursae around the knee (approximately 14) and they are named after their location in the knee. The five main ones are prepatellar (found in front of the kneecap), semi membranous bursa (at the back on the knee), Infra patellar (under the knee cap), supra patellar bursa (underneath the thigh muscle), and the pes anserine bursa, (located approximately two inches below the knee joint on the inner aspect).

Typical symptoms are pain, tenderness (at the location of the bursa) stiffness and sometimes redness and warmth. Good news is that with rest, ice, compression and anti-inflammatory and pain medication this can settle down. However it’s important to get a proper diagnosis from a physiotherapist; who can advise you on what to do and what not to do.  Sometimes bursitis can require further intervention such as aspiration (removing excess fluid) or a pain relieving injection. Your physiotherapist can help you to regain full strength and mobility in the knee and to prevent reoccurrence.

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