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Is it Normal for my Baby to Crawl Backwards?

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Lots of mums worry that their baby is crawling backwards but in actual fact this is normal! It is very common when babies are starting to learn to crawl that they move backwards. This is because their arms are normally stronger that their legs and so when they go to move they end up pushing themselves backwards with their arms. This still allows your baby to explore and develop their strength to don’t stop them.

As they get stronger they usually learn how to coordinate moving forwards.  If your baby doesn’t learn to crawl forwards you can try blocking their feet with your hands so that they have something to push off and propel themselves forwards. You can also place large cushions on the floor and toys on top, as this will encourage them to crawl up onto it.  It is also easier to go forwards once they get on their knees up onto the cushion.

If your baby doesn’t begin to progress with their development then our paediatric physiotherapists are here to help.  They can devise a developmental programme to help them get on track with their development.  Call us today on 0207 884 0374 or email us at