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All You Need to Know About Your Ankle Sprain

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Ankle sprainAll sport players who sustain this injury are only too aware of how frustrating and painful this injury can be.  Those of you that have twisted your ankle whilst on the green, or those that have been caught out by an unseen curb will know that the swelling and limitation to movement involved in this injury will leave you exasperated for weeks.

This is one of the most common injuries seen in most A&E departments.  It happens so frequently that there are clear guidelines for the acute management of the injury, and you will most likely be assessed for fracture risk very early on, just to make sure you haven’t twisted it badly enough to break bones.  After this, you will be referred to a physiotherapist to rehabilitate you back to your normal activities.

Physiotherapists are best placed to offer you the advice you will need to ensure the swelling is reduced as quickly as possible, to ensure your joint movement is fully restored, and to ensure that your muscles start to work as they should to prevent prolonged problems.  Persistent chronic ankle problems following a twisting injury; occurs more commonly than is ideal.  If normal movement, good working muscles, excellent balance and fast reactions in the ankle muscles does not return, then patients will experience continued pain and feelings of instability.

However, there is a wealth of evidence that shows that seeing a specialist foot and ankle physiotherapist gives the best improvement, even several years after the initial injury has occurred.  So what are you waiting for? Don’t let it linger on. Get in touch today and get it sorted now.

Post by Leanne Plenge, Physiotherapist and Bristol Manager.

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