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Muscle pain, injury or swelling? Kinesiology Taping can Help!

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You may have seen various sports persons strapped up with brightly coloured tape and wondered what it actually does.  Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement and kinesiology tape allows just that: movement.  Using flexible tape, Kinesiology taping has become more prolific in recent times especially during the 2012 London Olympics and Wimbledon 2013. However, the conception of Kinesiology taping originated in 1970’s.

Kinesiology taping is thought to be able to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Support joints
  • Improve circulation
  • Assist muscle activation
  • Change muscle/fascia alignment

The tape is stretchy, water resistant and normally doesn’t irritate the skin, as most tapes are latex free (but do check if you are going to use it).


So how does Kinesiology taping work?

Without getting too technical, the kinesiology tape is thought to work on our neurological system by helping to reduce pain signals being sent to the brain. It can help reduce swelling by assisting our lymphatic (drainage) system, for instance after injury or oedema in the legs.  It is also thought to assist muscle activation by facilitating activation of special cells in the muscle tissue that help with muscle contraction.  Kinesiology taping can also promote reduction in abnormal fascial tension (soft tissue that helps muscle move and support) and when it’s applied with high tension it can help support ligaments and joints.

There’s lots of research out there that supports the use of kinesiology tape. However why not try it for yourself?  Make an appointment with one of our qualified kinesiology tape practitioners and see if it can help you.  We can often arrange an appointment within 24 hours and can see you at work or at home.  Contact us today on 0207 884 0374 or email