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The Many Benefits of Domiciliary (Home) Treatment and Training

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Home Physio

Our Physio and Bristol Manager Leanne meets personal trainer Wojciech Toczyski, or “Whiskey” as he’s known, to discuss the benefits of treating people in their own homes.  

Recently, I met with Whiskey, a personal trainer from South Bristol who specialises in getting his clients fit for group exercise events. His company Flexible Fitness South-West are similar to ourselves here at Physiocomestoyou, in that Whiskey sees his clients in their own homes.

At Physiocomestoyou we feel that treating people in their own personal space is a privilege. It allows us to build a personal bond with our clients and this comes from the trust that develops when we are let into their homes and personal space.  We take this very seriously and always ensure that we respect this. Being surrounded by the day to day lives of our clients allows us insight into why they might be struggling with back pain whilst sitting at their work desk, why stairs are a challenge as they experience knee pain, or why getting in and out of their bath is particularly challenging.  It means we can address these points directly and target our treatment.

Whiskey finds this is also true of training with people outdoors. He feels that obstacle course races such as Tough Mudder and Spartan set up to challenge participants and this is how he likes to train people; with specific training for specific goals.  This is not dissimilar to how physios rehabilitate patients after they have sustained an injury – treat the injury but rehabilitate with specific goals in mind relevant to the individual’s life.

Are you a Flexible Fitness South-West or Physiocomestoyou client who has been treated or trained at home?  What benefits did you notice by having your treatment or training in your personal environment?  Let us know in the comments below!