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Long COVID – How A Physiotherapist Can Get You On The Road To Recovery

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The coronavirus has affected millions of people all over the world and as cases continue to rise, patients are becoming more concerned about the long term health effects of COVID. Healthcare officials are still unsure about many of the side effects associated with the virus as they are still learning about the coronavirus and other pandemic related health concerns.

     Fortunately, we do know that the virus is having long term effects on our respiratory system which is a step in the right direction. And, as we learn more about the virus and its symptoms, we can focus our attention on getting people back on the road to recovery sooner.

     This is where physiotherapy can make a significant difference in our long term care and in how quickly we can recover from the virus. Physiotherapy offers a wide range of health benefits and can improve many of the symptoms associated with and related to the coronavirus. From improving your respiratory function, to relieving the anxiety caused by the diagnosis and uncertainties, physiotherapy from Physio Comes to You can have you feeling better in no time.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways that physiotherapy can get you on the road to recovery after COVID:

Physiotherapy Can Relieve Anxiety- anxiety is a normal psychological response when diagnosed with COVID or when dealing with many of the symptoms like difficulty breathing. The intense flight-or-flight response caused by anxiety can affect their already weakened breathing pattern. Psychotherapy sessions from Physio Comes to You teach COVID patients how to manage their anxiety and relax their breathing patterns so they can breathe easier and get back on the road to recovery.

Physiotherapy Can Improve Your Circulatory And Respiratory Function- physiotherapy is proven to help strengthen and improve circulatory and respiratory function. In doing so, COVID patients will be able to increase the level of usable oxygen in the lungs and in their bloodstream giving them the ability to recover faster.

Physiotherapy Can Help You Breathe Easier- one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 is the inability to breathe properly. Aside from feeling weak and exhausted, this symptom can also cause increased anxiety, especially as breathing becomes more difficult. Other than the proper use of medication, physiotherapy can help you breathe easier through useful breathing techniques including diaphragmatic breathing, nasal breathing, the Papworth method, Buteyko breathing, and pursed lip breathing. With regular physiotherapy sessions from Physio Comes To You, COVID patients can have a stronger respiratory system and breathe easier.

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