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Killer Heels?

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Killer heels are meant to make you look drop dead gorgeous!

We were interested to read the ‘Why high heels are bad for your health’ article in the Daily Express today.  I think many women already know the implications of wearing heels but will often suffer in the name of fashion.  Read the full article here.

The article, by Jo Willey, was keen to highlight a few celebrities who are seemingly never out of heels, including Sarah Jessica Parker who said she has had to give them up. She went to see a foot doctor who said, “your foot does things it shouldn’t be able to. That bone there… You’ve created that bone. It doesn’t belong there.”

Consultant podiatrist Mike O’Neill, from the College of Podiatry, has warned that squeezing feet into smaller shoes can cause long-term damage including arthritis, stress fractures, and trapped nerves, which may even require surgery or steroid injections.

If you do wear high heels regularly and are worried about your feet or your health, you can book an appointment with a consultant, such as Mr Ioan T. Jones.

Physiotherapy can also help. Contact us if you’d like some advice.