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Is Your Heavy Bag Damaging Your Body?

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What we carry can have a huge effect on our body, and different styles of bags can injure or strain our body in different ways.  The amount we put in our bags can also have a huge effect on our bodies and the more we carry, the more stress we put on our body.


Common symptoms which people experience after carrying their bags are:

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Tight muscles on one or both sides around the neck and shoulders
  • Pain radiating down the arm due to nerve damage
  • Stiffness in spine, neck and shoulders

Overloaded shoulder bags worn on one side are the main culprit for the above problems.  According to research performed at Teeside University the best bag to use is a rucksack as the weight is more evenly distributed.

Realistically we do not always want to wear a rucksack so we would recommend regular soft tissue massages, as well as a stretching and strengthening programme for upper limbs, neck and back.  We also recommend that you also have a bag-free day, or carry a lighter bag once in a while to ensure the above problems do not become a chronic uncontrollable problem.  If you do have to wear a shoulder bag, rotate the bag from the left and right shoulder regularly to prevent strain on one side.

Are you in pain due to carrying heavy bags?  Our specialist physios are able to see you at home or work and can provide a full assessment and treatment plan to help you recover quickly.  Contact us today on 0207 884 0374 or email

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