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Is Your Child Delayed With Their Advanced Gross Motor Skills?

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Advanced gross motor skills in children include running, skipping, hopping, jumping and climbing.  Children’s development can appear delayed compared to their peers and this can affect self-esteem and cause avoidance behaviour.  To progress advanced gross motor skills, children need the following:

  • Good strength
  • Motor planning skills
  • Reciprocal planning
  • Balance
  • Proprioception (knowing where their joints are in space)
  • Good cognition

Certain conditions can affect a child’s development with advanced gross motor skills such as:

  • Neuromuscular conditions
  • Neurological conditions
  • Developmental coordination disorder (formally known as dyspraxia)
  • Learning disability
  • Musculoskeletal reasons such as low muscle tone and/or joint hypermobility syndrome

However, as children all develop at different speeds and have different strengths, there could actually be no underlying condition!

How Can a Physiotherapist Help?

A physiotherapist will assess your child and compare their abilities to children of a similar age using the Movement Assessment Battery for Children.  They can also rule out any pathology or reasons as listed above and if after an assessment there are concerns, a physiotherapist can refer your child to the correct health professional.  Once problems have been identified, a specific fun activity programme with agreed goals to progress their advanced gross motor skills could be completed!

Do you have concerns about your child’s advanced gross motor skills?  Our specialist physios are able to see your child at school or home and we can often arrange the first appointment within 24 hours. Contact us today on 0207 884 0374 or email

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