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Is it possible to run 192 miles in three days?

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Ultra long distance runner, John Reynolds, is running home to Somerset after completing the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 21st April 2013, a total distance of over 190 miles in 56 hours.

For most people completing a marathon is an incredible feat of endurance in itself, but John likes to go the extra mile, and then some. Nine years ago John was left unable to walk without pain, due to the side effects of radiotherapy he received to treat a thyroid condition. He started running as part of his rehabilitation, initially unable to walk further than the end of the garden and back.

He continued to push himself, to see how far he could go, and completed his first half-marathon just a few months later. Since then he has completed 22 half-marathons, four marathons, 24 ultra-marathons and six extreme marathons.

Earlier this year he ran the Bath half-marathon for the National Osteoporosis Society to raise money for people with osteoporosis but a half-marathon is barely a warm-up for John. To make it more of a challenge he ran the equivalent of two full marathons back-to-back through the night, arriving at the start line just in time for the race in the morning.

Click here to read more and track his route and donate to help the National Osteoporosis Society.

Donations can be 5p a mile, 10p a mile or 20p a mile