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Introducing the Firefly GoTo Seat – Transforming the Lives of Children with Disabilities

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We are very excited to have recently discovered the Firefly GoTo Seat designed by Leckey.  This is a portable postural seat that can be used in many different situations for instance to enable your child to sit at the table in a restaurant, in a shopping trolley or even in a swing.  The seat can be attached securely to any type of chair and it has a harness and side supports to give your child the support they need.  It is perfect for children with mild to moderate postural needs, particularly children with low trunk tone such as children with Down’s Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy.  It’s lightweight, portable and washable making it easy to use and it enables your child to participate in all sorts of fun activities where they need additional postural support. Lots of the families we have recommended the product to have said it has changed their lives and they absolutely love it!   Take a look at Leckey’s video to see and hear real life stories from parents of children using the GoTo Seat:

Have you recently purchased a Firefly GoTo Seat?  Let us know the difference it has made in the comments section below!

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