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Sometimes it takes a bit of a scare to make you sit up and think about your health. We are so busy with day-to-day life that we rarely get the chance to give our bodies the attention they need.  This isn’t the way it should be but it so often is. The benefits of looking after your body for the future are huge.  For instance, keeping your blood pressure down with healthy eating significantly lowers your risk of heart disease and taking regular exercise in your week will have numerous benefits including lowering your risk of stroke, osteoporosis and improving your mood and zest for life. Managing your weight is another challenge, which we all face from time to time. It’s hard to resist that extra pudding, but managing your portion sizes and healthy eating can extend your life and ensure you are happy and healthy for the whole of it.

Our Bristol Manager and physio Leanne has recently been chatting to the lovely team at Cowan House, Weston-Super-Mare, about the challenges people face in maintaining a healthy lifestyle these days.  Cowan House offer a healthy lifestyle consultation service that can help you to achieve the goals you have set yourself, and also help to point you in the right direction for advice.  Cowan House offer a full range of services from acupuncture to fitness classes.

At Physiocomestoyou such a large part of our job is dealing with the after effects of ill health. So many conditions can be dramatically reduced or avoided all together if you take action before the problem gets too big. A good example is weight management.  Getting help to change your eating habits and take appropriate exercise that suits your particular body type and fits in with your lifestyle, will mean you prevent the build up of extra weight in older years and so reduce your risk of joint aches and pains associated with arthritis.


A good way to think about it is like this:  We pay good money and take the time to get our cars serviced and MOT’d each year.  We change the water and oil, and we clean the exterior all in the hope that the car will stay in good working order and last longer without needing any repairs.  We should think of our bodies in the same way.  With a little thought and effort, it doesn’t take much to change health issues significantly.

Get in touch with Cowan House or us today for advice on how to maintain or improve your health, and we will point you in the right direction.  You can also visit to see all of the different services they offer.