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How Treat Balance Problems in Older Years

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Many of our older patients have commented on feeling more wobbly and unbalanced first thing in the morning. We have been asked why this might occur so often that we thought we would share our thoughts.

We know that as we age it becomes harder to maintain our muscle strength. However, it is possible for some older people to lift double the weight of someone half their age. So it is possible for older people to be strong, but it does take more effort. Muscle strength is not naturally maintained as we age, and so might mean working at specific exercises for main muscle groups, which are used in maintaining balance. Strength is important for steadiness. If your muscles kick in effectively when you are challenged whilst moving, then you will feel steadier and more confident.

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Balance is also a big factor in how steady we feel. Balance is a combination of good eyesight, good inner ear function, accurate muscle activity and accuracy of muscle movement. Eyesight deteriorates with age so getting it checked regularly and ensuring you put on your glasses if you wear them, helps your eyes make the adjustments needed to send the correct messages to the brain, which ensures good balance. Along with eyesight if you have noticed a reduction in your hearing, consider taking some advice, not only for improvement in your hearing, but also to potentially improve your balance and steadiness.

Balance challenging exercises can also help improve your steadiness. These exercises can improve our muscles ability to react quickly and act effectively. Improved reaction times of muscles to the challenges of fast walking, managing curbs and steps or uneven paving can mean the difference between feeling steady or not. There is a wealth of research out there proving that those who do regular balance and strength exercises are less likely to fall and are steadier on their feet.

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