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How to Walk Properly

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There are many benefits to walking and it can even help with your niggling aches and pains. That is of course, if you do it properly! If you have pain or were previously injured, even an injury from many, many years ago, do you realise that you may still be walking with an altered gait pattern?


For example if you injured your knee, you may walk with shorter strides, using your arms incorrectly and may have reduced your bend at the knee. These are compensatory behaviours that you may not be aware of.

Top Tips for Walking Well

  • Make sure you’re wearing supportive and comfortable footwear.
  • If you’re new to exercise, take it steady and pace yourself
  • If it’s a really hot day take a drink with you and wear sunscreen and a hat.
  • Aim for your leg strides to be both equal in length..
  • When your foot hits the ground, it should be your heel that has first contact.
  • When you move your left leg, your right arm should move forward at the same time, from the shoulder not from your elbow!
  • Do not carry a bag on one shoulder or use your mobile phone, you should be hands free! If you need to carry something use a light backpack.
  • Most importantly relax and enjoy!

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