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How Physiotherapy Can Aid Marathon Training

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As high-endurance athletes, marathoners should take advantage of any professional training they can to increase their chances of success. With regular physiotherapy sessions, marathoners can gain improved physical performance and better resistance against injuries. Sports physiotherapists have the skills, knowledge, and experience to improve the strength and conditioning of any athlete, especially those training for a marathon.

Here are some ways marathon athletes can gain improved performance with physiotherapy sessions:

Better Base Fitness- if you are looking to run longer and farther, you need to make sure that your body is adapted to it. A typical programme for new marathoners may last between 3 to 4 months. It will not only allow marathoners to perform well, but they can also be better protected from injuries. A physiotherapy session includes many forms of exercises, including fast walks, cycling, and weight resistance training for balanced performance. Physiotherapists typically increase training intensity and volume by around 10% each week to ensure gradually improved base fitness.

Optimised Training Plan- it is important for marathoners to have a well-optimised training plan. From the outset, physiotherapists may provide advice on proper training and how to create a training plan that meets the athlete’s needs. The plan must be adaptable to performance goals and current physical conditions. Goals must be sensible, so athletes can achieve them with reasonable efforts.

Massage- after an exhausting training session, muscle tightness may slow down recoveries and performance. Physiotherapists will properly massage athletes to release muscle tension. Athletes can be instructed to do self-massage using foam rollers and massage balls for proper release.

Regular Assessment- physiotherapists may assess current flexibility, muscle strength, and motion factors. It is possible to determine current sports performance more accurately. As an example, physiotherapist may examine quad muscles to reduce risks of knee injuries. Good assessments on running biomechanics should help in identifying risk factors that could increase injuries.

Treat Injuries- massage, ultrasound therapy, dry needling, and electrical stimulation can help in treating injuries. Physiotherapists can help by massaging painful areas, applying pressure, and stretching tight muscles. There are many good reasons why pro athletes have dedicated physiotherapists. Early treatment of injuries can speed up recovery and prevent complications. Anyone may reap benefits of injury treatment from a physiotherapist, including veteran marathon runners and weekend warriors.

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