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How Physios work with Surgeons to Help Your Recovery after a Hip Arthroscopy

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When performing a hip arthroscopy, recent findings from surgeons have shown that males are more likely to have tears in stabilising ligaments and females are more likely to need Total Hip Replacements (THRs). Overall, findings have also shown that the younger the patient the better the recovery and that the main reason for a surgeon to perform a hip arthroscopy is to provide short term benefit for pain control by limiting symptoms.

After your hip arthroscopy your surgeon will advise you and your physiotherapist how quickly you can rehabilitate back to your normal level of activity.  Rehabilitation may include a combination of hydrotherapy, manual therapy, a home exercise programme and acupuncture, tailored to your needs and what appears to work and benefit you.

The main concern immediately following surgery is pain and to ensure that it is managed. Reduction in pain is correlated to reduction of fear, which, in turn, improves movement and prevents alterations in your walking. Both reduced range of movements and altered walking can cause secondary complications following surgical interventions.

The typical pattern of post-operative care will consist of anti-inflammatories for approximately 2 weeks after surgery to reduce swelling and pain.  Surgeons are normally happy for you to return to your sport after 13-16 weeks post operatively, depending on your outcome measures at your surgical review and how well you have progressed with your physiotherapy treatment.

The picture above shows an example of a hip strengthening exercise.  Click here to see a description of the exercise and click here to see a video.  Your physiotherapist will be able to advise on number of repetitions.

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