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How aware are you of recognising Parkinsons Disease?

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Parkinsons UK are working hard to increase public awareness of the signs and symptoms associated with Parkinsons which research has shown to be poor. 73% of British public have been revealed to not be able to recognise symptoms such as fixed facial expressions, tremors or freezing on the spot when trying to walk.  Parkinsons UK have been putting up posters of mixed images of everyday tasks that those with Parkinsons find difficult.  Parkinsons Awareness in April asked people to put themselves in the shoes of those with Parkinsons by producing videos which can be viewed by clicking here. Physiotherapy and other therapies have been proved to help improve the function of someone with Parkinsons and work on making tasks such as walking and combing hair or making a cup of tea much easier.  It is worth clicking here to look at the informative website Parkinsons UK to find out how you can be more aware and be of help to those suffering from Parkinsons.