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Let us help your child leap through the summer…

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The summer is finally here!

Here at Physiocomestoyou we are ‘doing it for the kids’ this summer as we pay special focus on helping children all over London during the school holidays. Physiotherapy could be the best option for your child and this time of year is perfect for one of our experienced therapists to see them at your home. Our specialities include:

Developmental Conditions: Development delay, premature babies and syndromes

Respiratory: Cystic Fibrosis, bronchiectasis and long term ventilated children

Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries: Back pain, joint pain, postural problems/scoliosis, soft tissue injuries, gait abnormalities, dyspraxia (developmental coordination disorder), hyper mobility

Orthopaedic Conditions: Post fracture, positional talipes, erb’s palsy, torticollis, plagiocephaly, perthes, slipped upper femoral epiphyses, post operative (e.g. lower limb lengthening, spinal surgery)

Neurological Conditions: Cerebral palsy, head injuries, spinal injuries, brain tumours, neuromuscular disorders (e.g. DMD, SMA)

If we can help, do not hesitate to contact us today. We can organise an assessment within 24 hours and create a treatment plan with your child to ensure they benefit from early intervention. We make therapy a positive and enjoyable experience.

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