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Have you had an ankle fracture?

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Fractures of other parts of the ankle will tend to cause pain throughout the ankle and a lot of swelling. If you have injured your ankle and have a lot of swelling and pain and standing on the leg is difficult with or without pain we advise you seek urgent medical attention to confirm if you have sustained a fracture to the ankle. If the bones are out of line you may require surgery to realign them.  We can recommend top London foot and ankle consultants to you to see you as soon as possible.   If you do have a fracture it is likely you will have to have the ankle joint fixed in a cast or boot for a period of time. Physiotherapy is important during this time to maintain strength in the rest of the leg. Following removal of the cast or boot physiotherapy is vital to regain full movement, strength and stability around the ankle and help you return to activities you were doing before the fracture.

If you experienced an ankle fracture a while ago and never completed any exercises or rehabilitation then it would be wise to have physiotherapy assessment to see if the full strength and movement of your ankle can be restored.

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