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Looking for a Golf Fitness Assessment?

Golf, often viewed as a leisure sport, is, in reality, an intensive game that demands a high level of fitness. As any seasoned golfer would tell you, there’s more to the sport than simply swinging a club. It requires a combination of strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance to execute the perfect shot. And to truly shine in this game, it’s essential to ensure that your body is in its prime condition.

A golf fitness assessment is a specialised examination tailored to evaluate an individual’s physical capabilities and limitations in relation to the game of golf. It isn’t just about assessing one’s overall fitness, but about understanding how each muscle group and joint functions when playing golf.

Our golf fitness assessments are carried out by highly trained physiotherapists who are mobile and can travel to your place of business or residence at a time that is convenient for you. We offer appointments throughout the weekend as well as during the evening, so that you can get started on the path to recovery within 24 hours.

We Specialise in Utilising the following

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Groin Pain

Foot Pain

Ankle Pain

Elbow Pain

Hip Pain

Do I need a Golf Fitness Evaluation?

A golf fitness evaluation will help you if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced golfer. Whether you play occasionally or regularly it will help improve your golf technique and therefore your game.

What are the benefits of a Golf Fitness Evaluation?

  • Enhanced swing technique
  • Enhanced power
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved strength
  • Less risk of injury
  • Better stability

What happens in a Golf Fitness Assessment?

The sports physiotherapist will first assess you. They will be looking at how your body moves and where muscles are tight, joints are stiff or overmobile. They will then also look at your golf swing and break it down and design an exercise programme that will help to prevent injury and greatly benefit your swing and power. These exercises are normally a combination of flexibility, fascial stretches, mobility, stability, strength and power exercises.

If you would like to improve your golf book an appointment now.

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Chartered Physiotherapist Begum graduated from the Doctor of Physiotherapy program at The University of Melbourne after moving to Australia from Toronto, Canada. She did this in combination with a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology as she is a strong believer of combining exercise therapy and manual techniques to help clients to be pain free and achieve their goals. After graduatin ...


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Chartered Physiotherapist James initially qualified as a Sport and Exercise Scientist in 2003 and subsequently qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2008. These two qualifications have complemented each other in his treatment of a wide range of patients from the sedentary to the high level athlete. He has fulfilled roles in a major London teaching hospital, the ministry of defence ...


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Chartered Physiotherapist Suchit completed his Bachelors’ degree in Physiotherapy in Belgaum, India in 2000. He worked for two years in India, primarily in the earthquake affected area of Gujrat and gained extensive experience of managing complex orthopaedic conditions including spinal cord injuries and post-amputee rehabilitation. This inspired Suchit to work towards a MSC i ...


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