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Get Rid of Hip Impingement Syndrome Once and For All

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Hip impingement syndrome occurs when the hip bone (the ball) rubs on the socket (the joint).  Imaging of the joint often can often show abnormalities that can contribute to the cause of the impingement, for example, a different shaped head of femur or angles around the hip.

Environmental factors such as day-to-day activities or sports can contribute to this problem. Pain can be felt in the groin, hip or even the back perhaps after sitting, walking and after movement that generally stresses the joint. As the condition develops you may start to feel the pain more regularly, and it may develop to clicking, locking or catching. This can indicate that there is some soft tissue damage within the joint. Should you suspect that you have hip impingement syndrome, speak to your Physiotherapist who will be able to carry out some tests and may refer you for further investigations.

Treatment will involve correcting causative factors, whether that is doing certain sports or the way you are moving.  It may also address weaker muscles and tight muscles to enable smoother movement within the joint.  However, it may be that further intervention may be required such as surgery.

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