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What Every Parent Ought to Know About Ride-On Toys

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Child on Ride on ToyThere are so many new and exciting ride-on toys on the market. Ranging from the simple rocking horse, to bicycles scooters and balance bikes.  These will provide your child with hours of pleasure and entertainment, whilst also helping them to develop lots of different skills and keeping them physically active in the following ways:

Gross Motor Skills

Your child will learn to coordinate their body movements in order to propel the toy. Whether this is pedalling, scooting or rocking their body backwards and forwards, these movements require using their leg and core muscles!

Fine Motor Skills

Manipulating steering wheels or handlebars requires children to use smaller muscles as well as teaching coordination between the hands, arms, legs, and feet.


Ride-on toys help keep your child active and will help to increase their exercise tolerance without them even realising!


A ride-on toy requires your child to develop a sense of balance in order to stay upright.

Spatial Awareness

Your child will develop spatial awareness by planning how to move their toy around obstacles.

Play Skills

They can be used to develop independent play or can be used in a group situation to encourage sharing.

The summer holidays are the perfect time to invest in a ride-on toy so that your child can get outdoors, get exploring and develop all the above skills.  Ride-on toys can also be used for rehabilitation, and if you require any help or advice selecting an appropriate ride-on toy for your child, then please get in touch on 0207 884 0374 or email

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Post by Victoria Healey, Head of Paediatric Physiotherapy at Physiocomestoyou.