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Looking for a Ergonomic Presentation Therapist?

The modern workplace is a dynamic environment, demanding both mental and physical dexterity. With the rise of technology and computer-based jobs, the need for a better understanding of ergonomic injuries has never been higher. These injuries, often subtle and creeping, can transform our work lives into a daily ordeal if not properly addressed.

An ergonomic injury refers to discomfort or pain that originates from the body’s musculoskeletal or nervous system. This can involve the muscles, bones, joints, soft tissues, or even the nerves. While some might think of these as “desk job” injuries, the truth is that they can occur in any profession that demands repetitive motions or sustains periods of strain.

PhysioComesToYou provides a versatile approach to physiotherapy appointments. We recognise the challenges of visiting a clinic, so we’ve introduced a mobile service. Our skilled physiotherapists can come to your workplace, care home, school, or residence at a time that’s convenient for you. With available slots during weekends and evenings, we ensure you can start your recovery journey within 24 hours.

We Specialise in Utilising the following

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Groin Pain

Foot Pain

Ankle Pain

Elbow Pain

Hip Pain

What does ergonomic injury mean?

Our presentations can be to the Occupational Health Team and Employees of the business. People are often unaware of how a poorly set up workstation or posture can cause pain in the back, neck and arms. They are also often unaware of exercises that can be carried out at the desk to prevent prolonged poor postures. Our power point presentations by one of our Ergonomic Therapists include relevant information on anatomy of the body, how to set up their workstation optimally at work and home, chair exercises to improve flexibility, core strength and blood supply and how physio treatments can help when pain occurs or if you have suffered an injury or recently had an operation.

Information booklets will be provided for each employee to take away after the presentation.

To find out more, read our blog: How can Physiotherapy Help your Business?

Why is ergonomics important in the office?

For most people who work in the office, it involves a lot of sitting down at a desk. By using the phone in a certain way, the keyboard and mouse in a certain way or twisting / slouching on your chair, it can lead to pains in your back, shoulders, neck, arms, wrists and hands. Ergonomics looks at the way you are working at your desk and we can then advise on posture and changes that can be made and equipment that can be ordered to minimise strains on your body while working.

Looking for a physiotherapist in London? Our team is composed of experienced physiotherapists who provide comprehensive assessment and treatment to patients at home or work.

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Chartered Physiotherapist Bhawna qualified as a Chartered physiotherapist in 2007 from Delhi University, India and then pursued her interest in neuroscience and completed M.Sc. Neurorehabilitation from Brunel University,London in 2009. She has been working in the UK in NHS, private and charity organisations since 2009. She specialises in Neurophysiotherapy including cases like ...


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 Chartered Physiotherapist In 2014 Leanne extended our service to the West Country and manages Physiocomestoyou Bristol. She has over 12 years of experience in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Leanne worked at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, contributing to research and presenting at conferences. She completed a Masters in Neuro-Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the ...


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Chartered Physiotherapist Florence qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2006 from the University of East London. She began her Physiotherapy career at a busy District General Hospital in London. She has worked in many specialities and has chosen to focus on working in a domiciliary capacity within the NHS. The areas in which she has extensive experience of treating, incl ...


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